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Class of 1996 Souvenir Mugs$ 17.50
12 oz lighted mugs including one beer ticket for Saturday Night.
Including $2.50 processing fee.
Number of Tickets:Sold Out
Meet & Greet****ONLY**** $ 8.50
This is for the meet and greet Friday night Only. Hors D'oeuvres and Non alcoholic beverages will be the served in the tent. Battle of the Bands on the Plaza with beer trucks available.
Price Includes a 2.50 processing fee.

***Refunds for extenuating circumstances only***
When:07/15/2016 6:00 PM
Where:Cheyenne's Depot Plaza
Number of Tickets:Sold Out
Brimmer Park Family Picnic ****ONLY****$ 12.00
This ticket is only required for those who would like to order a boxed lunch from The Bread Basket. This is for your convenience only. Please feel free to bring your own lunch and join us at Brimmer Park for all of the fun!
Catered boxed lunch with either Turkey/ Ham / or Vegetarian option available. Lunch includes sandwich/
chips/drink/salad and cookie.
Price includes a $2.50 processing fee.
***Refunds for extenuating circumstances only***
When:07/16/2016 11:00 AM
Where:Brimmer Park
Number of Tickets:Sold Out
*Please let us know how many family member you are bringing. :
Saturday Night Beer Tickets$ 20.00
6 Beer tickets for Saturday Night Only
***Beer tickets will be sold through July 14th***
Where:Terry Bison Ranch Dinner
Number of Tickets:Sold Out
Saturday Night Beer Tickets $ 10.00
3 beer tickets for Saturday night only.
***Beer tickets will be sold through July 14th***
Number of Tickets:Sold Out
Teacher's Lunch Brimmer Park
Boxed Lunch with Turkey / Ham / or Vegetarian options
When:07/16/2016 11:00A.M.
Where:Brimmer Park
Number of Tickets:Sold Out
Tribute CD $ 5.00
Graduation Tribute CD
Number of Tickets:Sold Out
Drinks and Dancing Terry Bison Ranch $ 11.00
Join us at 9:00 PM for drinks and dancing at Terry Bison Ranch.
There will be a cash bar available.
When:07/16/2016 9:00 PM
Where:Terry Bison Ranch
Number of Tickets:Sold Out
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